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Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw is located in Saginaw County in the eastern section of Central Michigan. Saginaw is essentially a sister city of Flint Michigan which makes it great because having two fun cities is better than one! As the old commercial says, double your pleasure, double your fun! The city of Saginaw is located directly next to Saginaw Charter Township and is considered part of the Tri-Cities area, along with neighboring Bay City and Midland. The population in Saginaw is just shy of 200,000 people.

Great adventures

Saginaw is part of the Flint/Tri-Cities area in Michigan, Saginaw. Saginaw is a small city with all sorts of unique attractions, including but absolutely without a doubt limited to a French-style castle, which originally built as a post office and now home to the the local historical society. The city also has its own island park sitting in the middle of Saginaw River. The island park is a popular destination for picnics, fireworks, and general adventure! Saginaw also offers visitors the Japanese Cultural Center, built in conjunction with Saginaw's sister city, Tokushima, features an tea house where authentic tea ceremonies are performed.

Plenty of attractions!

Saginaw offers plenty of great attractions for visitors and locals alike. We'll start with the Marshal M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum. The Marshal M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum is an absolutely stunning facility built to not only impress but to inspire. Outside of the museum you'll find more than a handful of sculptures and inside you'll find even more. Plaster models that are used to create sculptures as well as all of the items from Frederick's studio arrange in the same fashion that he used to work in his own studio!

Attractions continued

Castle Museum lies at 500 Federal, Saginaw, Michigan. It's literally a former castle and it has been turned into a fascinating museum. There's a wide variety of displays and considering the museum's size, it's shocking that they can fit so much into it. The Castle Museum used to be a post office so the safe room and environs are actually still in tact which is fantastic!

Something for everybody

All of this and we have not even mentioned the night life in Saginaw. There's plenty of it to be had and even trying to fit it into this page would do it a disservice. Just know that if you're looking for chill or wild, quiet or loud, or anything in between then you'll be able to have a great time in Saginaw. Want some names? Retro Rocks, Mixx Night Club, Baywood Lounge, Heck's Bar, 100 Proof Saloon, and more just to name a few spots. We could keep going but it's up to you take have an adventure in Saginaw to find out!

Saginaw Bars & Restaurants

Rico's Authentic Mexican Take
2720 Bay Rd
Saginaw, MI 48603
(989) 249-9988
This is definitely my spot when it comes to enjoying actually delicious Mexican take out for any occasion. I love the tacos and quesidillas, because they are tasty, terrific, crunchy, and the best we've ever had. Great place for great eats, no complaints, just really awesome Mexican take out.


422 Hancock St
Saginaw, MI 48602
(989) 799-0111
Listen up Saginaw, if you're going to eat here, you simply must try the Cobb club, it's certainly wonderful. The egg salad sandwich is pretty good too! You can't go wrong with the grilled Havarti, because of the tasty honey mustard and red onion. It's great, genuinely great food.

Intermission Deli

2128 Bay St
Saginaw, MI 48602
(989) 790-6777
This is a unmistakably wonderful place to enjoy turkey sandwiches and really great subs. The subs themselves are huge and they are filled with meats and cheeses. Oh, not to mention, the breads they make the subs with are wonderful, positively wonderful.

El Paso Grill

4880 Gratiot Rd
Saginaw, MI 48638
(989) 401-6599
This is by far my favorite place in the whole world to enjoy chicken lime tacos. I also love several of their burritos, like the El toro burrito, the chicken burrito, the southwest fiesta burrito, and the el paso burrito. It's legitimately great Mexican.

Ya Ya's Flame Broiled Chicken

5055 State St
Saginaw, MI 48603
(989) 792-9299
I precisely and truly love their chicken ceaser salad, and chicken noodle soup, and I also enjoy their bbq chicken sandwich. The service is good, and the place itself is actually very clean, very clean. All in all, very positive experience.

Pompeii The New

5110 Dixie Hwy
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 777-4555
This place has a really great atmosphere and legitimately great food. The veal, the spaghetti, and the scallops are my favorites. All in all, I'd recommend this as a great place to enjoy some delicious food and great service.

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