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Northshore Market

Northshore Market is one of the coolest places in Argentine to stop in and pick up some huge pizzas to enjoy on the party bus with your Party Bus Flint friends! They are known for having the absolute best pizza in the area with all the freshest toppings and ingredients, in addition to being a great place to stock up on beer, wine, and liquor for the party bus cooler. The Hawaiian pizzas are our personal favorite but you can't go wrong with any options here. The cheese bread is amazing and we also love their pizza rolls! There's a huge array of deli items as well and let's not forget to mention the pierogies! A true favorite. 8291 Silver Lake Rd, (810) 458-4385.

Snappers on the Water

Previously known as Snappers, then Tumbleweed, and now Snappers again, this place might not be able to make up its mind about a name but there's no question that the food and drink are well worth a visit! When you're with Party Bus Flint in the Argentine area, this is a very smart stop. Just a cool little dive bar that's totally unpretentious and relaxed. Nice beer specials, yummy wraps including a BLT wrap that we have really enjoyed, good fries, and tasty burgers. They keep it really simple here, just the basic classic favorites when it comes to both the menu and the bar selection. Just right in every possible way. 6484 Bennett Lake Rd, (810) 735-4307.

Plank's on the Lake

Another Party Bus Flint favorite in the Argentine area and right on the water, Plank's on the Lake is a simple steakhouse and seafood restaurant that provides a cozy and comforting area in which to dine and drink with your good friends and loved ones. The deck is absolutely fantastic, and in the evenings you'll feel like you're on your own private dock, partying it up and enjoying that spot on the water. It's nice and clean here and there is a huge array of both food and drinks to choose from. The wood-fired pizzas are a great choice any day of the week! They do have wi-fi, but not free, and TVs too for sports. 8291 Silver Lake Rd, (810) 735-0990.

The Argentine Lighthouse

One of the most beloved restaurants in the Argentine area is The Argentine Lighthouse. Party Bus Flint travelers request this place all the time. On the menus, it's printed, "Not anything fancy, just good food," and we think that sums it up pretty well! The grouper and catfish are great choices for the seafood lovers. If you're there for breakfast, you really can't go wrong with the farmers omelets, the homemade sausage, and the biscuits and gravy! Everything is 100% fresh and delicious here. The only downside is that they have stopped serving pizza, which was delish! Definitely one of our top recommendations! 8291 Silver Lake Rd, (810) 735-0990.

Hungry Howie's Pizza

Everybody who has lived in Michigan for any amount of time knows that they can rely on Hungry Howie's pizza chain for some really amazing pizza! They are well known for their flavored crusts and we're absolutely in love with their super thick deep dish. It's so fast to just call them up and order up a whole bunch of pizzas to enjoy in the Party Bus Flint vehicle, and we can't think of a better thing to eat to soak up all that alcohol you'll be imbibing! You'll fall in love with their cheese bread too, and let's not forget to mention the crisp and fresh salads that go so well with a nice hearty pizza. We just love it! 8351 Silver Lake Rd, (810) 735-5803.

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