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Smokin' J's Bar B Que Pit

When you're out and about in the Atlas area with Party Bus Flint, be sure to check out Smokin' J's Bar B Que Pit! This is a real haven for barbecue lovers, with pulled pork sandwiches piled high with coleslaw and pickles! So good! Amazing hot wings here as well. The macaroni and cheese is also fantastic and that goes so well with anything and everything. Located in an old farm style building, the feeling is authentic and real. They've got outdoor seating when the weather is warm enough for it. No wi-fi or TV, but they do accept credit cards. No alcohol, unfortunately! That's really the only thing that this place is noticably missing. 10230 Hegel Rd, (810) 636-9200.

Cranberries Cafe

Have you had a chance to visit Cranberries Cafe yet? Out here in the Atlas area, it's a real Party Bus Flint favorite, and we can't keep our travelers away from it! They tell us that the wine selection is one of the big draws for them, and they also love the martini wheel. They've got a full bar and televisions for the sports fans, and even free wi-fi too. There's more than enough room for your larger groups here. This is a wonderful place for your bigger celebrations like milestone birthdays and bridal showers. You'll certainly want to try their famous pot pie among other comfort food items! The salads are also fantastic. 10250 Hegel Rd, (810) 636-3409.

Bull Ring Restaurant & Lounge

One of the most spacious and welcoming places to dine and drink in the Atlas area with Party Bus Flint is Bull Ring Restaurant & Lounge. It's just huge, with very comfortable seating for everyone, and some of the best food and drinks around. The beer selection is very nice... and very nicely priced, too! Full bar also. If you're a lover of a good pool table, they've got one for you! There's always good music playing too, contributing to the fun and lively atmosphere. What do we recommend in terms of food? The quesadillas are wonderful and we're in love with the pizza! Open late every night, straight til 2:00 AM! 8234 S State Rd, (810) 636-2420.

John's Steakhouse Pizzeria & Lounge

By far one of the most comfortable and inviting places to dine and drink in the Atlas area, this one's very highly recommended to you when you're traveling around here in your Party Bus Flint vehicle. When we think about their delicious pizzas with the puffy crusts and the melty cheese, we just go crazy! And they've got such a huge beer selection here with great choices on draft! The sandwiches are really wonderful if you're not in the mood for a pizza, and they've got a large array of them. Full bar, TVs for sports, and plenty of room for groups. This is a convenient one and a wonderful one. Very highly recommended. 8038 S State Rd, (810) 636-2175.


An absolutely amazing coffee and tea establishment in the Atlas area is ABeanToGo! The folks who own this place are absolutely a pleasure to chat with and they have created something amazing here. The fresh roasted coffee will have you on the cloud nine of coffee... just incredible and heavenly. The prices are very reasonable and that makes it a top priority to visit whether it's just once on a Party Bus Flint trip or every day on the way to work. Limited hours, just til 5 Mon-Fri, til noon on Sat, and closed on Sun. There are TVs here for sports watchers or headline addicts. Pretty spacious and very comfortable! Try the Bees Knees Typhoon! 8221 S State Rd, (248) 819-7780.

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