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El Conzumel Mexican Grill

This is one of the greatest places for you to eat in the Burton area, with some of the most affordable and delicious Mexican food around. You can feed a huge group on a very thin dime here! Love that. The booths are not only comfortable and spacious, but they're artistic, with creative patterns carved into and painted on them. It really makes for a very beautiful ambiance and atmosphere. There's a full bar here as a total bonus out of the blue, and they also have TVS so you can keep and eye on the headlines or the sports while you're there! Great for groups and for families with kids too. 4190 E Court St, (810) 715-4426.

Starlite Coney Island

Everybody knows that Starlite Coney Island is the place to go after the bar when you're in the Burton area. This 24-hour hot dog haven and breakfast paradise is well known to Party Bus Flint customers who travel in these parts. They have some of the best breakfast skillets you'll ever taste. The sandwiches are just out of this world for lunch. And how about those good thick milkshakes? Mmm. Many say that they have the very best coneys in the entire Flint area, and we'd venture to say that's probably true! The cheeseburgers aren't too shabby either! Great fries as well. More than enough room for groups and they accept credit cards too. 1500 N Center Rd, (810) 742-4955.

Guadalajara Grill

Yet another of the great Mexican restaurants in the Burton area, Guadalajara Grill is a must-visit for our Party Bus Flint travelers. The flavor of everything here is just too good to put into words. The salsas are mind blowing and we'd say the same of the guacamole. The tacos are on a whole different level here, including carnitas and beef tongue. The lunch specials will have you scratching your head over the low price and the large quantity, but you'll be too busy digging into it and enjoying it to question it too hard! Less than six bucks for a huge portion that will fill you up until dinner time. No alcohol here, unfortunately. G3103 S Dort Hwy, (810) 715-2330.

The Red Baron

The Red Baron is a cozy Burton bar and restaurant that features delicious hamburgers and yummy waffle fries. The Fat Darrel is one of our favorite sandwiches on the menu but you really can't go wrong with any choice here. The draft beer selection is pretty impressive and they feature a lot of local Michigan brewskis here! Karaoke nights are an absolute blast and it's a great way to come out of your shell and show off those vocal chops. When that's not happening, a DJ has got you covered. Great happy hour prices and the best night is Thursday. Cool spot to watch the game or just to hang with your good Party Bus Flint friends. 2495 S Center Rd, (810) 744-1310.


You might not have considered a chain restaurant as a destination for your upcoming Party Bus Flint trip in Burton, but Applebee's is always a great choice! Why? Well, from what our customers tell us, it's all about the huge menu with so many options for everyone. Mom and pop restaurants can rarely compete with that amount of choice. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable. It's usually lively and quite loud with happy conversations filling the space. You'll definitely enjoy the specialty drinks and sitting at the bar is always a joy. The service is particularly friendly at this location and the overall experience is always a good one. 2495 S Center Rd, (810) 744-1310.

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