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Gina's Pizza

Everyone who hangs out regularly in the Flushing area knows that Gina's is the pizzeria that sets the bar for all others, and that includes Party Bus Flint travelers! Our customers hit up Gina's regularly for their giant pizza pies that are so perfect for sharing with a large party bus group. It's no wonder that this place has been going strong for so many decades. The surprising thing is that the prices are so low here for such high quality. They've got the gooiest meltiest cheese around and the perfect little pepperonis that curl up into yummy little greasy cups! Love that. You can check this one out at 766 Chamberlain St, (810) 659-4281.

Johnny's Pour House

Johnny's Pour House is an affordable and charming place to dine and drink in the Flushing area with Party Bus Flint! Many say that this is the best bar in town and we'd be highly inclined to agree with that! The ambiance is top notch and so is the service. You'll love scarfing down amazing hamburgers and fries here while you wash them down with an ice cold beer from their impressive draft selection. There are plenty of televisions here for the sports fans and they have more than enough room here for your biggest Party Bus Flint groups. The only downside is that they really don't carry any craft beers here. 240 W Main St, (810) 487-1020.

Skip's Come Back

When you're out and about in the Flushing area with Party Bus Flint, one of your best quick stops is Skip's Come Back. Just a simple American bar with affordable prices and a comfy atmosphere, and of course delicious hamburgers that will fill you up and satisfy those cravings that you've been fighting all day. There are televisions here for those who want to watch the game or just keep up on the news of the day. No wi-fi unfortunately and no outdoor seating. Lots of space though, and they do accept credit cards, which is a boon for Party Bus Flint customers. Even the grilled cheese is just delish here! 111 E Main St, (810) 659-6111.

Beef & Barley

A very exciting addition to the Flushing area is Beef & Barley. Party Bus Flint customers are raving about the incredible flavors that they can enjoy here, including juicy burgers that are perfectly cooked to order, not to mention specialty drinks that will both please your tastebuds and give you a great buzz. The folks who work here are some of the nicest that you'll ever encounter. It's really a well rounded experience here, from top to bottom. The prices are a little higher than one might expect, but you are getting above and beyond what you pay for, so nobody mind's it a bit. 2055 S Linden Rd, (810) 715-5720.

Grill of India

When it comes to Indian restaurants in and around Flushing, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than Grill of India. This is a wonderfully warm restaurant that is helmed by an incredible staff that really makes our Party Bus Flint guests feel at home. The chicken dishes that are served here are so delectable and irresistible, and they've got some really nice lamb choices too. The dai curry is just fantastic and we can't get enough of the chicken vindaloo. All of your classic favorites, paneer, naan, etc., are here, and they are all unbelievably fresh and flavorful. Don't miss the lunch buffet! 2105 S Linden Rd, (810) 230-7090.

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