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Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out

Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out is well known in the Forest area for their wonderful fish and chips, and that's the top reason that our Party Bus Flint crew or chauffeurs would point you there! This is a cool diner type of joint with a lot of yummy diner/fast food type options for you and your party bus group. Very ideal for this type of travel and party plans. They also have a really wonderful fresh salad bar so that you can fill up on some healthy greens if you wish, but then on the flip side there's all the good deep fried stuff to enjoy as well. Excellent cole slaw here as well. Very highly recommended. 109 N State Rd, (810) 653-6666.

Millington Inn

Millington Inn is a biker bar and dive bar type of place where you can just kick back and relax without even a hint of pretense. It's family owned and very pleasant, from the service to the atmosphere. You'll get zero complaints from us! They've got a lot of your bar favorites here like burgers and fries, but they also have some surprises like really delicious seafood omelets with crab and baby shrimp! There are televisions for the sports fans and a kids menu for the young'uns. No outdoor seating here but that's really the only downside that we can think to mention. 8487 State Rd, (989) 871-4533

Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Another awesome sports bar in the Forest part of Party Bus Flint's service area is Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill. This one is known for their incredible menu of specialty burgers. We are talking about probably a couple dozen specialties here, all piled high with amazing toppings and cooked to absolute perfection. They also have a build-your-own burger option which our Party Bus Flint travelers especially enjoy. This place is nice and cozy, and definitely very clean and well kept. We love Tuesdays for tacos and tequila, Wednesdays for burgers, and Thursdays for boneless wings! 2183 W Vienna Rd, (810) 564-2200.

El Charrito's-Helena's Original Restaurante

One of our top choices for Mexican food in the Forest area is El Charrito's! Oh, how we adore this place. They really serve up some amazing meals here for you and your Party Bus Flint crew to enjoy. It all starts with the delectable chips and salsa, and from there you can dive into some of the greatest entrees on earth! We are personally really into their big juicy wet burritos and the cheese enchiladas are also really excellent. The only downside here is that they do not serve alcohol, and all this yummy Mexican fare does tend to spark margarita cravings! Still one of our favorites. 201 Mill St, (810) 658-9308.

Starlite Coney Island

The ultimate after-bar destination in the Forest area is Starlite Coney Island. This 24-hour diner haven is the place to be after hours. They've even got their own security so you don't have to worry about rowdy after-bar crowds causing fights and ruining your meal. Nice. They've got all your classic favorites here, including coneys, fresh salads, and breakfasts, and we are highly apt to recommend the omelets to you as they are so filling and tasty. The coffee is always good and the cheeseburgers are out of this world! We can't say enough about the excellent service here. 1500 N Center Rd, (810) 742-4955.

Zip: 49546

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