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Some of the most important problems with teenagers driving are driving while they are distracted, texting and driving, and unfortunately drinking and driving. As a parent or guardian, you can remain stress free in knowing that our professional chauffeurs have completely removed those dangers out of the equation entirely. Take advantage of their dance by heading out for a romantic evening with your significant other. You deserve it. Another popular use for party buses and limousines is a way to get to the school prom or homecoming dances that take place throughout the year. These events truly play a huge role of importance in a young teenagers life, there's no doubt about that. It's a time to gather with friends to talk, socialize, dance, and laugh the night away in the sharpest formalwear. We know it seems like your child is growing us fast, and they surely are, so here's a bit of information on ensuring they enjoy their dance to the fullest extent while keeping as safe as possible.

Senior Proms

How many senior proms do you get? One? Maybe two if you're dating an underclassmen? In order to fully allow the kids to enjoy the day (or days), using a limousine or party bus is almost a necessity nowadays. Other than the fact that a limousine or party bus is a fun and exciting bonus, it is also a way for your teens to have independence, for one of the first times in their life! We've all heard the horror stories that come with a prom or homecoming experience. You don't want to let your child be whisked away into an unsafe situation with an irresponsible teenage driver in Flint. There are much better options for transportation that doesn't include any risk when it comes to your child's safety, and these options should be considered carefully. It offers a way to take some of the stress off of your shoulders, not to mention, your child will be the happiest camper in all of Flint when you rent them a limousine or party bus from Party Bus Flint!

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In the event that you do decide to choose a limousine or party bus for your teenager's senior prom, there are a few things that you should be aware of. The first thing is that we required each and every parent or guardian of every teenager that will be stepping foot on our vehicle to provide us with their contact information. This ensures that if there are any issues whatsoever that we can contact any parent or guardian regarding that issue. It's rare that we have to do so but we like all bases to be covered in just in case.

With all of these options for entertainment on the road, it's safe to say that Party Bus Flint offers the most entertaining and affordable transportation to proms and homecomings in the Flint area. When you need a ride, don't hesitate to give our office a call. Our phones are open 24 hours!

Other than simply receiving contact information from all of the parents or legal guardians, some of the simple rules that we enforce are as follows: Teenagers are 100% not allowed to board our vehicles with any open containers of any liquid whatsoever. Only 100% sealed beverages are allowed in the vehicle. It should also be noted that if any teenager is suspected of drinking then the run will immediately be terminated and full payment will be required.

Our final bit of information that should be noted is the fact that no other teens than the ones contracted to be on the vehicle shall be permitted to enter the vehicle. If the driver does not have a teenager's name on a list then they will simply not be allowed. No additional stops will be made other than the itinerary provided by the parents and legal guardians of the teenagers on board. These rules, coupled with parental cooperation allow for your teens to have the night of their life and return home safe and sound.

p>That's because we're entertainment based, so that means we do all that we can to bring you the best possible experience while on the streets of Flint. You get to sit back and relax at home with no kids while your children party on a supervised vehicle with a professional chauffeur who has had years of driving experience in the area, customer service training, a great attitude, and a GPS unit to ensure nobody gets lost. With all of these benefits, it's easy to rent with Party Bus Flint.

They come with iPod capable sound systems to hook up to an auxiliary jack, newly installed leather seating, polished hardwood floors, tinted windows for privacy, neon lighting throughout, flat screen televisions with DVD inputs and Blu Ray players, and much more.

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Party Bus Flint has provided service to hundreds of proms and homecomings in the Flint area! It's safe to say that we know exactly how to deal with these events and provide the best possible service. There is truly no other company to put your money and trust into if you're looking for safe, affordable, luxurious transportation. We know it might seem like something that's completely out of your price range, but when all of the kids pitch in together, it ends up coming out to an easily affordable fee per person. How could you go wrong with this?