How late are you open?

24 hours per day.

Can I drink on the limos?

If you are of age, then yes!

Do you have hidden fees?

No, we never have hidden fees!

Where do you go?

We cover the state.


How many guests can fit into Party Bus Flint vehicles?

This will vary per vehicle. We have smaller vehicles that seat just 10 guests and larger ones that can accommodate up to 40 (35 seated and 5 standing). Our party vans, party buses, and limousines ensure that you always have options for diverse transportation. There's sure to be a perfect choice for you, and you can view them on our vehicles page or come down to our Party Bus Flint lot to take a look in person.

The only real limit to how long you can stay on the road is your budget. We'll agree to a set hourly rate when you book your Party Bus Flint trip, and that hourly rate will continue to be charged in 15-minute pieces of time so that you never pay for more time than you actually use. There are no additional fees for staying out longer than you planned to.

As long as everyone in your party is 21+, you are welcome to bring whatever alcoholic beverages you like and to enjoy them on board. We provide ice and cups. If your party is all ages, no alcohol is allowed.

We cannot provide alcohol to our clients. We don't have that kind of license for alcoholic beverages. We can, however, make any number of stops for you to purchase alcohol if you so choose.

We're sorry, but no. We're known for our clean buses that smell just as fresh as they would if they were brand new. To keep them that way, we have a strict no-smoking policy. We will make comfort stops for your smoke breaks.

Yes! Each bus features a high quality audio system with subwoofers that plays CDs, and if you prefer, you can simply hook up your iPod or MP3 player to the system to enjoy all your favorite playlists, or even your Spotify account over your 3G or 4G connection.

Of course you may! Our buses feature flat screen HDTVs, and oftentimes multiple TVs in each bus. These all have DVD players so you can enjoy all your favorite movies, music videos, or even home movies while you're on the road with your friends and loved ones.

There are no restrooms on any of our buses, but some of our larger buses feature private VIP areas. Be sure to ask about this when you call if that is an important feature for your outing with Party Bus Flint.

Additional Time is simple. You booked service an hourly rate that you previously agreed to and extra useage is at that exact same rate. The only change is that the cost is billed every 15 minutes. This makes sure that no one pays for time that isn't actually used!

Although we do clean the party buses after every use, we appreciate it if our customers pick up their excessive garbage. We should also note that we cannot legally return any alcohol left behind so at the bare minimum be sure to remove that.

Since Party Bus Flint is open 24/7/365 both in our office and for party bus service, it's easy to get in touch with us for information or for a price quote via phone or email. Click here for a free Party Bus Flint price quote!

As you agreed to when you booked your vehicle, we don't allow for cancellations for any reason at any time. When you book your vehicle with Party Bus Flint you are stopping us from selling it to other interested customers and that is not fair to them or us. By agreeing to schedule your party bus, you're responsible for the entire amount.

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What events do you service?

We service absolutely everything. You can rent a party bus for any occasion! Flint Party Bus provides party bus and limo transportation for weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate functions, proms, tailgating, and so much more! You can rent a vehicle for any reason!

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